How to Maintain Your Indoor Concrete Floor

The daily wear and tear can damage your concrete floor without proper maintenance. Knowing how to clean concrete floors indoors is a must to lengthen the lifespan of your floor. Most concrete floors, especially polished ones, only require minimal cleaning. A concrete cleaner and a little patience should be enough to keep those surfaces squeaky clean. We can help you with all your concrete demands

Here are some tips that you can utilize in both home and commercial surfaces:

Use floor rugs

On floor areas where most traffic happens, you can reduce wear and tear by using rugs or carpets. These areas are typically found on entrances and foyers. Using mats and rugs will not just reduce the damage on the concrete but also the grimes that will stick to it.

Clean the spills right away

Did your toddler spill his orange juice on the floor? It’s best to clean this right away so the surface seal won’t absorb it and cause staining. This is also a good reason to use carpets. Spills won’t go directly to the concrete and cleaning would be a breeze.

Mop with a microfiber pad

Concrete floors have soil content which could be abrasive. When dirt and dust settled into it, mopping with a regular rug won’t be enough to remove it. Use a microfiber pad instead to catch all the dirt, even deep-seated ones. As you know, grimes like this can ruin the shine and flawlessness of your floor.

Clean in sequence

Never mop the floor blindly. Always focus on one spot then move on to next so you won’t miss any area. If you don’t do this, the shine of your floor will be irregular and staining will start to happen as uncleaned substances seep through the concrete. Knowing how to clean interior concrete floors should always be systematic.

Burnish it

One way on how to shine concrete floors is to run a dry burnisher on your polished floor. A high-speed burnisher will remove the most stubborn dirt on your floor to bring its shine back. If you prefer wet burnishing, you can use a special solution to avoid scratching the polish. Concrete destroyed by an earthquake? We can help you, visit us now!

Renew polishing

If you notice that your concrete floor is no longer as shiny as usual, it might be time to have the polish replaced. Usually, the lifespan of a concrete polish is two years but it can be shorter for high-traffic establishments.  You can tap the help of professional flooring services to have the polish replaced seamlessly.

Use a neutral floor cleaner

In case your floor is exposed to heavy dirt, especially if you left the house for months, it’s best to use a neutral floor cleaner. This will create a suspended layer on your floor which will make it easy to remove the dust and grimes. Such a cleaner is often used when water alone can’t remove the dirt fully.

Knowing how to clean concrete floors indoors will only take a little patience and some useful hacks. Remember, maintenance is the key to keep your floors shiny and to avoid expensive re-polishing.

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